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Some stats for loggain.n.nu

Total number of websites with verified e-mail: 4
Number of these that are active and unique: 1
Payments made from all websites coming from loggain.n.nu: 4 (100% conversion)

Earlier than 21 march 2013:
50% comission of those that have paid for premium: 0 USD (or 0 * 6.78 = 0 SEK)

After 21 march 2013:
200 SEK (~$30) for each signup that continues with Premium: 3 * 200 = 600 SEK. (1 pending, estimated value: 20 SEK)

Total earned comission: 600 SEK

22 Sep 2020 21:27www.meditera.n.nuInstalled+verified
11 Sep 2020 13:34www.text.n.nuInstalled
7 Feb 2020 18:02www.hellesminiatyrer.n.nuPremium
19 Aug 2018 11:20www.organiconly.n.nuInstalled+verified
14 Sep 2017 21:58www.rfh.n.nuPremium

(Limited to the latest 100)

Please note that users can upgrade to premium without paying by referring N.nu to others.


By becoming an affiliate to N.nu you can start making money very easily. You don't need to register to start earning!

Contact us at affiliate@n.nu if you have any questions or want to make a withdrawal.

Method 1: a normal link

Just link to http://www.n.nu.

Referrals will be tracked using $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] which means that the link have to be placed on your page and the visitor has to click it in order to be tracked.

Method 2: link with tracking

A link with tracking suits better for those that want to link from for example a forum that is not their own, e-mails, twitter, facebook and so forth.

Just link to http://www.n.nu/?referrer=loggain.n.nu

Make sure you don't forget to replace "loggain.n.nu" with your domain.

Method 3: banner with your own signup form

When using this method you should first have a selling content and then the below signup forms. The language of these banners depends on the browser of the person viewing it.

You can also use this banner code:

This is how it will look and it works the same as a link (468 x 60 pixel standard banner size):

You can also use this code:

This is how it will look like:

You can also use this code (replace "loggain.n.nu" with your domain):

This is how it will look like:

URL to this page for bookmarking: